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whats the scoop with our range of tasty vegan ice creams

What's the Scoop?

The idea for Doozy Pots was born out of the vision that it is possible to create a super satisfying, indulgent gelato from plants. Plant-based products have come so far in the last 5 or 6 years, with new variants popping up all the time, but there has been a lot of focus on replacing dairy with nuts and coconuts. After learning about the healthy fats and proteins in hemp hearts I couldn’t stop thinking that they could be used to create a luscious, creamy gelato. Since then we have been hard at work searching for the best ingredients and spending hours in the kitchen mixing, blending, freezing and scooping to create our recipes. As the Wonderlab’s resident Innovation Chief I often feel like Goldilocks, tasting and testing to make sure products are just right. 

A great ice cream or gelato starts with a great base. Our bases start with a blend of organic plant champs, like hemp hearts and oats, which are complemented by organic cocoa butter and cane sugar to deliver an indulgent dessert (which is a bit better for you and the planet, without compromise). The base is the sweet, creamy foundation that lets all the flavors like vanilla, spices and cocoa in the recipes shine.

The Classic - Vanilla Bean

Smooth hemp & oat vanilla gelato with vanilla bean flecks. 

Sometimes, the simplest things are the hardest to perfect. Vanilla is such a delicate and complex flavor it can be a challenge to get right. We are so accustomed to having vanilla paired with milk or cream and eggs that we often find that vanilla flavor without them is “wrong”. To get our vanilla just right  we had to search far and wide to find the perfect match for our hemp and oat recipe. We discovered a wondrous pure Mexican vanilla extract, which delivers a deep, rich flavor, the ideal complement to our creamy hemp & oat base.

The Coffee Shop Stop - Coffee & Cookies

Bold hemp & oat coffee gelato loaded with gluten free chocolate chip cookies.

A one stop shop for the 3 pm slump; gelato, an oat milk latte and crunchy chocolate chip cookies all in one. We blend bold Fairtrade, organic coffee into our creamy hemp and oat base for a creamy coffee experience and paired it with gluten free chocolate chip cookie bites from Bakeology, a female led bakery in California. It’s a rough job, but someone needs to taste test their way through cookies to find the perfect bite.

Spice and Everything Nice - Banana Cinnamon Date

Creamy organic hemp & oat banana gelato blended with Sri Lankan cinnamon, laced with a caramel-y swirl of organic date syrup.

Banana ice cream has been a founder favorite for years but it can often be sickly sweet or artificial tasting. Seeking a more “grown-up” banana flavor we paired the most cinnamon-y cinnamon we’ve ever had (thanks Spicewalla!) with organic banana to create the perfect mix of sugar and spice. Rather than loading the pint up with sugary caramel we found nature’s perfect replacement, date syrup from The Date Lady.

Nice to Mint You - Chocolate Mint Chip

Lush hemp & oat chocolate gelato with a hint of mint and melt-in-your-mouth organic dark chocolate chips.

A doozy of a combo mixing together two childhood favorites, mint chocolate chip ice cream and Thin Mints™, updated to 2019. The beauty of being in charge of  flavor innovation is that you can make your own dreams come true. I’ve always had a love for mint and chocolate so given the opportunity, I worked to craft the ideal version, doubling down on the chocolate.  We blend rich cocoa into our hemp and oat base, add a hint of pure organic peppermint extract and swirl in snappy chips of single origin Dominican chocolate from Zorzal Cacao made by Raaka Chocolate in Brooklyn.

Make my Day, Pump Up the Jam! - Chocolate Raspberry

Rich and creamy hemp & oat chocolate gelato with a jammy organic raspberry swirl.

In the Wonderlab, we’re all about everyday indulgence. To us, chocolate with raspberry feels like a little bit of fruity luxury in a pot. Blending rich cocoa into our hemp and oat base creates the perfect chocolatey partner for a jammy, organic raspberry swirl.