Why do we use HEMP & oats?

Hemp and oats make creamy, delightfully delicious plant-based ice cream, but there are so many more reasons to love these plants. From drought tolerance to carbon capture, these hardy plant champs are superstars in supporting a regenerative food system!

Using sustainable farming practices is central to building a resilient and thriving food system– this all starts with the diversity of crops we choose and how they can build healthy soil. 

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In the Wonderlab, we…

Seek out, so far as possible, organic and regenerative ingredients to  ensure the earth is nourished and sustained for future generations.

Are curious and innovative in finding sustainable materials and services, for example, our containers made from 32% post-consumer recycled fibers.

Work with suppliers who incorporate ethical business practices to ensure everyone who works hard to grow and produce our ingredients receives fair value in return.