Our founder and innovator-in-chief, Kirsten Sutaria, grew up down the street from an ice cream factory wondering, “How do I get that job?!” And with that sweet inspiration, a future food scientist was born. Kirsten has since worked with brands big and small developing countless beloved recipes across the US and Europe and has spent the last 10 years professionally exploring the wonderful world of ice cream. Now, she’s bringing together her interest in plant-based nutrition and her expertise to create her very own wondrous, delicious, and sustainable treats.

Dreams do come true, in the Wonderlab!

Doo·zy /doozē/

something unique or

outstanding of its kind.
“This plant-based

gelato is a doozy”


Kirsten has always had a penchant for making a creative mess in the kitchen. 

When she did, her Grandma Bea would remark, “Oh, you’re such a doozy pots!” meaning, “oh you’re a crazy little child!.” “Doozy pots” comes from the Italian phrase “tu sei pazza” translated as “thou art crazy.” Italian immigrants to the USA brought this phrase with them, many settling into the melting pot of the east coast. Across the generations, the Italian pronunciation morphed into the modern American  “doozy pots” – try saying it quickly with a combined Italian-Long Island accent, and you’ll see what we mean…. 

Grandma Bea is Smiling…

Fast forward to today and the same adventurous culinary spirit continues to guide Kirsten in the kitchen (with only slightly less mess).

We thought it appropriate to name our creation in honor of Kirsten’s lifelong devotion to curiously inventing: Doozy Pots! Somewhere amongst the stars, Grandma Bea is smiling at the thought.