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discover the wonderful vegan milks on world plant milk day


Did you know plant-based milks aren’t just healthy and cruelty-free, but when compared to dairy, they exhaust less natural land and water resources, and produce less GHG emissions? That's a win-win!

In fact, researchers estimate that producing a glass of dairy milk results in almost three times more greenhouse gas emissions than any plant-based milk, and consumes nine times more land than any of the milk alternatives. So you (and the planet) are better off swapping out the dairy for plants, although we should also mention that any plant grown industrially in mass quantities can have negative consequences for the environment too. That’s why we believe it’s vital to find plants grown using organic or regenerative practices, as these practices are designed to protect or enhance the earth. They also keep harsh chemical pesticides out of the food we put in our bodies. 

One of the most exciting things about plant-based milks (unlike dairy milk) is that there are so many exciting options and flavor profiles, from almond milk to hemp milk, cashew to pistachio milk and everywhere in between. (Check out this extensive list from Switch for Good!) Each one has different qualities, and we find it fun to experiment in the kitchen – some plant milks go well with a dark roast cold brew (hazelnut!) whilst others are good for all round use in cooking (cashew and coconut).  

For our gelato, we’ve chosen hemp and oat milks because they help us create the most luscious scoops without resorting to the heavy saturated fats in coconut (and dairy). They are also super friendly to the earth, especially when grown organically. That means you can enjoy your favorite frozen treats, entirely without compromise. 
You’ll find that plant-based milks are making their way across the whole grocery store from the cheese section to the freezer aisle, with tons of different plants stepping in to make creamy and delicious plant-based dairy alternatives. We’re particularly fond of Miyoko’s butter & cheeses, Grounded Foods’ absolutely amazing cauliflower and hemp based cheeses, The Dairy Free Co’s cashew spreads, Willa's Kitchen organic oat milk and Elmhurst’s hazelnut milk .  

In the Wonderlab, we’re inspired by the connections between what we eat, how we feel, and the health of our planet. Our goal is to create better-for-you plant-based treats from ingredients that are good to the earth. Today, more than ever, the choices we make as companies and consumers can be small steps towards larger changes to make the world a better place for generations to come. Help us in supporting plant-based and vegan businesses and brands.

Don't just ditch dairy, embrace the positives of plants!

Read on and be sure to check out the resources from the World Plant Milk Day