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Eating for the Earth

Today marks the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day and this year’s theme is Climate Action. Climate change is one of the biggest challenges to the future of humanity and the life-support systems that make our world habitable for all.

Earth Day serves as a reminder that to keep our planet healthy we must act, not just today but every day. Two of the most effective and immediate things we can do as individuals to reduce our climate impact are to eat a predominantly plant-based diet, and to focus on products that are grown and produced in a sustainable way. Consuming organic and regenerative products which use practices that maintain or enhance soil and water quality, whilst also conserving biodiversity can increase food system resilience in the face of adverse climates.

It is now clearer than ever that human health and the health of our planet are intertwined. Our food choices and individual actions play a big role the positive or negative effects on ourselves and the earth. The industrialized agriculture which produces much of the food we eat – large scale concentrated animal feedlot operations and vast areas devoted to single crops managed with toxic chemicals – is a significant contributor of greenhouse gases and has degraded our soils and waterways to breaking point. In fact, most experts agree that the food system is responsible for roughly a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions, and that at the current rate of soil erosion, the world has only 60 years left of the fertile ‘topsoil’ required to grow anything at all.

Remember, “We don’t have to engage in grand heroic actions to participate in the process of change. Small acts when multiplied by millions of people can change the world.” You do not have to commit to an unrealistic, total shift in your lifestyle tomorrow, but you can begin to try something new and enact micro changes to begin shifting your mindset. You can start by orienting yourself towards action and finding the low hanging fruit to make incremental changes. Maybe that’s trying to eat plant-based one or two days a week, swapping milk in your coffee to oat milk, or buying organic vegetables instead of conventional once a week. There are so many amazingly delicious products out there to explore, find what you love and soon you’ll find these changes become easier.

Every purchase we make is a vote with our dollar, and buying plant-based, organic products instead of animal-derived, conventionally produced items is a small action that can drive real, lasting change. In the Wonderlab, we are inspired to create delicious plant-based treats from ingredients that are kind to the earth and make it easier for our fans to make those better choices.

We cannot remain idle, because continuing as normal will render the planet uninhabitable for our children and grandchildren. Be good to the future: start making changes today, on Earth Day.

Have questions about plant-based alternatives? We’d love to hear from you! Just send us an email at hello@wonderlabdoozy or reach out to us on social at @wonderlab.doozy.