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Hemp: A Plant Powerhouse

A few years ago, when Doozy Pots was just a twinkle in our eye, two questions popped into our founder's mind, “Why aren’t more people eating hemp?” and “Can hemp be used to make the most delicious, healthier, and more environmentally friendly gelato?”.
Since then, we’ve been on a mission to create the best non-dairy ice cream using hemp hearts to replace milk, cream & eggs. The more we work with hemp, the more we love it. It is truly a plant powerhouse benefitting both our health and the health of our planet.
Good for the Environment
🌱 Uses less water
🌱Resilient and drought tolerant
🌱  Well suited to organic and regenerative systems
🌱 Pest resistant, uses less herbicides & pesticides
🌱 Helps improve soil quality
🌱 Absorbs more CO2 from the environment than most other crops
Good for our Well Being
💚 Top 8 allergen free​
💚 Favorable nutritional profile
💚Good source of healthy unsaturated fats and an ​optimal ratio (3:1) of Omega 6’s & 3’s
💚 ​Complete protein (9 amino acids)​
💚 Higher protein by weight, similar to animal sources like beef or lamb
💚 Packed with minerals & nutrients​ such as vitamins B1 and B6, iron, magnesium & zinc
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