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5 Changes to Help Make Your Life More Climate Friendly

The theme of Earth Day 2022 is "Invest in Our Planet" and while there is a lot of ground to cover on a global scale, there are small shifts we can make in our daily life to invest in the future of a healthy planet.

Whether we’re healing our bodies, our food systems or our world, the team at  Doozy Pots is thinking differently and deliciously shaking things up. We believe that the choices we make as companies and consumers can be small steps towards larger changes to make the world a better place.

Here are 5 small steps Team Doozy does to work towards a more sustainable future.

🌱 Compost 

When your food goes to the landfill, it rots and being stuck in a plastic bag means doesn’t get any oxygen, so then it creates and emits methane— a powerful and toxic greenhouse gas responsible for warming our planet. Compost also helps to create healthy soils, providing nutrients for plants and crops. Many states and municipalities offer compost pick up, but if they don't there are local services that you can be a part of to drop compost off, like our friends Rust Belt Riders, and you can even compost at home!

🍴Eat More Plants 

Everyone is on a different journey when it comes to their diet & lifestyle when it comes to food preferences but we know that adding more plants to your daily meals is better for our health and the health of the planet. Eating is not binary; you don’t have to commit to an unrealistic shift in your lifestyle tomorrow, but you can begin to try something new and enact change. It’s okay to admit that it may be difficult, and you may not be perfect (who is?). You can start by orienting yourself towards action and finding the low hanging fruit to make incremental changes. Maybe that’s trying “Meatless Monday”, swapping your half and half to a plant-based creamer or shifting more of your plate to plants at each meal.

🌿Increase Biodiversity in Your Diet

According to research, humans eat about 200 plants and of those, just three crops – rice, corn & wheat, make up over 50% of our calories. With so many delicious plant options, we need to add more variety to our diets & lifestyle. Crop biodiversity helps to build climate resilience and reduce carbon emissions, as well help build more productive and healthy food systems to ensure food security for everyone.

🗑️Fight Food Waste

In the US we waste around 80 billion pounds of food each year and reducing food waste is important things we can all do to help with green house emissions. When food gets wasted, the water, energy, soil and other inputs that are used in growing, producing, preparing, transporting, storing & disposing the food are wasted as well. There are many ways we can do our part in reducing food waste such as choosing wonky produce & foods, choosing upcycled foods, reuse & repurpose foods & leftovers.

🚌Look for the Most Eco-Friendly Mode of Transportation

Our world revolves around transportation but swapping out a solo car ride for a walk, bike ride, public transport or a carpool can help reduce your carbon footprint each day. There is a lot of work that needs to be done to make American towns & cities less reliant on cars, but we can each work to find ways that are convenient for us but also kinder to the environment.